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Student Support Services

During your enrolment, KII will deliberately engage with you on a number of occasions. We do this through requesting you to complete enrolment documentation, discussions over the phone, enrolment interview and finally during your orientation. One of the important objectives of these engagements is to understand what support services you may need to fully participate in your study. You will be asked various questions about your support needs or your “individual needs”. This is simply the term we use to define what your needs are and this enables us to organise the appropriate support services. Make sure you take the most of this opportunity and let us know if you need support.

What support is available?

KII will use a combination of its own services and the services of referral agencies to either provide or refer you to the following support services:

Language, Literacy & Numeracy Support

If a student’s language, literacy and numeracy skills are not at the required level, the student will be referred to an ELICOS college to achieve the required standard before being enrolled in KII’s programs. It will be reflected in the new COE.

Pre-Enrolment Support

Students requiring additional support to understand the pre-enrolment information requirements are to be engaged on additional one-on-one sessions to talk the student through the information contained within the student handbook, prospectus and the summary of fees and charges.

Studying & Learning Coaching

Where appropriate to the program, students identified with recognised difficulties in studying and learning are to be scheduled with additional one-on-one support sessions at regular intervals throughout the course program.

Academic Support

To assist students with their assessments, there may be referencing workshops, formatting workshops, language workshops, and plagiarism workshops. Students are advised to contact their respective course trainer or course coordinator/s for any additional academic support.

Counselling Support

The student counselling service is designed to assist overseas students in dealing with a wide range of problems including homesickness, managing stress, handling conflicts, emotional issues, improving motivation, enhancing study skills, organizing study time and other issues affecting the student.

Visual Impairment Support

Students with visual impairment can be supported by supplying internal learning resources with a larger printed font. Students can also be supplied with audio recordings of learning sessions where available.

Disability Access

All possible allowances may be provided to persons with disabilities. Assessors are to use their judgement in assessing the student’s ability to perform tasks in a safe manner.

USI Help

The USI system generates a unique student number which students can use throughout their studies in Australia. The USI allows access to a full range of study information fast and easy.

Overseas Student Support

Close student liaison is to be maintained by the Student Support Manager (SSM) who will act as a central point of contact.

Get in Touch!

If you need support during your course, please approach and inform reception and you will be connected with the best person who can assist you. If the matter is sensitive and you do not feel comfortable discussing it with reception, simply inform reception that you would like to meet with the Director of Studies. KII is committed to its students’ welfare both during and after hours of study. Student Support and Referral Services are provided free of cost.

Monitoring Attendance
& Progress

Under the National Code 2018 of the ESOS Act 2000, international students are required to maintain satisfactory course progress and attendance in order to successfully complete their program within the duration specified in the Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) letter. An education provider can only extend the expected duration of study in limited circumstances, through issuing a new CoE.

Deferral or Suspension

Students unable to attend for a period of time, may lodge an Application to Defer Studies for approval by the Director of Studies. Deferment is usually granted once only and for a period no longer than two terms. The return date will be at the discretion of the institute. Students will be advised of such requirements at the deferment interview. An Application to recommence studies must be completed and approved by the Director of Studies. A student’s enrolment may only be deferred or suspended where compelling or compassionate circumstances exist.

Student Resources

KII provides students with access to a comprehensive range of written, video, and online resources. These materials may be accessed for study use. There is also a wide range of textbooks for student to access on request from the on-site library. Students are reminded to return the borrowed material by due dates and observe copyright laws when using resources. Students will be required to pay for loss or damage to resources. An online portal is provided where student can access reading materials relevant to course they are studying. However, they cannot use it for submission of assessments. Students can also use on-campus WiFi free of cost. They can avail facilities from public library as well. The nearest public library, South Sydney City Library, is in 15-minute walking distance.