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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

This page is built to assist you with the most commonly asked questions by our student. However if you are unable to find an answer to your query please contact us on 02 8599 9800 directly.

How Do I Enrol at KII?

Enrolling with KII is easy. Simply click on the “Apply Now” button on our course page and follow the simple steps as instructed. If you need further assistance, please contact us on 02 8599 9800.

What does VET stand for?

VET stands for Vocational Education and Training. Commonly, university courses tend to focus more on theory, giving you a large knowledge base in your chosen field, whereas VET courses are intended for individuals seeking job-ready skills.

Do I need to supply documents to get accepted in a course?

Yes, in most cases you will need to provide evidence of your IELTS score, proof of age, highest level of qualification achieved (for e.g. high school certificate or diploma), work experience, etc. Please refer to the “entry requirements” section of the course for more information.

What is CERT? How do I undertake CERT?

CERT stands for “Course Entry Requirement Test”. Agent or representative from KII shall conduct a CERT to assess the student’s existing skills and knowledge. In case there are no agents nearby the student, then Student Support Manager will make arrangements with standard testing centres local to the student, to conduct CERT and inform students about it. For more information, please contact

Is there any “prerequisite” for my course?

This depends on which qualification you are planning to undertake. For example, entry to BSB52415 Diploma of Marketing and Communication qualification is limited to those individuals who have completed all core units in BSB42415 Certificate IV in Marketing and Communication.

When would I receive my certificate?

Upon successful completion of all the units/subjects of the course you will be issued with a nationally recognised certificate/final award.

What happens if I am unable to complete all units/subjects?

You will be issued with a “statement of attainment” which will include the units that you have successfully completed.

How do I pay for my course?

KII offers a range of payment options. You can select any given option that might suit you. KII accepts payment for fees using;

• Credit Card
• Electronic Funds Transfer (account details available on request).
• Cheque (made payable to KII).
• International Money Transfer – must include funds to pay for the receipt of the money transfer.

Please note that payment in cash is not accepted.

If you are a current student, you can pay in person. For more information, please refer to our website

What do CoE and DHA mean?

Upon receiving the first instalment of your fees, we will issue Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE). CoE is required to get the Visa approved. For your information, DHA stands for Department of Home Affairs, the Australian Government interior ministry with responsibilities for national security, law enforcement, emergency management, border control, immigration, refugees, citizenship, and multicultural affairs.

Where can I find more information about visas to travel to Australia?

Please visit the DHA website at: for more information about this matter

Can I expect a “pick up” service from Airport while I arrive in Sydney?

We can organise a pickup service for a fee of $100.00 – $200.00, depending on the distance travelled. Please contact for more information.

How do I get a student ID?

In order to issue your first student ID card, we will take a photo of you at your orientation. You may then visit the KII campus reception desk to collect your ID card.

Can I photocopy or print?

We encourage all students to use digital copies of documents as a part of our commitment to the environment. However, printing options are available for a nominal fee.

I want to check my last term’s results. Where can I check it?

Log in with your SID number and your password to our LMS at If you have forgotten your password, then please contact student services.

What if I am unhappy with your services and want to lodge a complaint?

A complaint must be submitted in writing via a complaint form. Please visit our website to access our complaint form and relevant policies.

What support will I get while studying?

When you enrol with us you will join the KII community of friendly staff and students. If you encounter any issue during your study at KII, you will need to contact the relevant support team.

Academic Support: if you are struggling with your assessments, need access to study resources, need guidance on how to prepare for the job, our trainers are here to help.

Student Support: Our friendly student support team will assist you with your enrolment and provide course information. They will also assist you in finding your way around issues related to your studies at KII.

I was graded as NYC (Not yet competent) as a final outcome. What should I do?

You will need to speak to your trainer to resolve issues relating to grades or course outcomes. You may also contact Student Support for further assistance. Based on your course progression and class participation, you may have to complete the “Intervention Program” or repeat the subject.

What should I do if I was sick and I couldn't come to class?

You must visit a doctor and collect a medical certificate as evidence of your illness. Bring in your medical certificate and speak to your trainer to catch up with your missing lessons.

What should I do if I cannot upload my assessments online?

You must contact Student Support via email or in person to ensure that you have resolved the issue. In some cases, you may be referred to IT Support for appropriate resolution.

I forgot my password to login to LMS. What should I do?

You must contact Student Support via email or in person to ensure that you have resolved the issue. In most cases, you will be referred to IT Support for appropriate resolution. However, it is your responsibility to keep a record of your password securely.

I am going back to my home country. What do I have to do?

Go to Student Services and complete a Leave of Absence application form. You must provide supporting documents as evidence of compelling and compassionate circumstances.


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